The Weird and Wacky car show

The WAW sign and entrance.
This car was is normally the only Pacer in any car show. it is a sleeper. slips show it doing high 12s (I think.)
The Corvette LS3 V8 with many custom add-ons. Jay Leno’s signature appears on the radiator cover.
The body and paint were re-done in the original color by a so-cal high-end shop that took on the job when 12 others refused to have a Pacer seen in their shop. “There is no body filler in this car”.
Stock interior with a custom shifter. That’s it.
So many unique features. This one is a wagon, even more rare. very roomy.
Plenty of docs to show their work and accomplishments.
Heidi, my wife, in red talking with the other owner sitting.
The owner on the right loves to talk about the car’s history and this one’s story.
It fits!
First Nissan year?
So few of them left.
Karmann Ghia
VW heater levers visible in the console area.
This car is normally on display at the LeMay museum in Tacoma, WA. Rear view
Pink Panther movies showed these a lot.
Citroen, French car.
Heidi liked it.
28hp Citroen.
Interesting to see close up.
The sponsoring club’s tent. Avants.
The interior
info card
’28 Ford speedster replica.
This sounded horrible even though it was running well. it was noisy and unbalanced.
Air-cooled engine.
The Autozam mid-engine tiny car.
Making printed shirts on site for $25.
Kiddie car with big ideas.
It’s not an internal combustion engine?
Karmann Ghia made electric.
Must be hard on things.
Dakar rally kit on a Miata.
Front view of the Rambler Marlin.
Domestic, foreign, domestic, foreign.
An endurance racing Miata.
The VW bus was somehow not a mini-van and never did sell like they did.
Made from ’65-’67 the Rambler Marlin was a statement by the small maker to the world, that it too could be a contender for the muscle car market.
The smallest class of vehicles that are road legal in Japan are called KEIs.
The tiny truck can haul a mini-bike.
An extended canopy roof to keep people and things dry and shaded outside the Nissan.
The Pontiac that was weird, the Aztec.
There are 3 dogs in the car, one is named “Bocce” (enunciated Bauchee). Owner said it was his (the dog’s) car… hence the license. plus it’s a Nissan Cube and there are 3 dogs so it’s Bocce’s cubed
one can barley make out the name “Pajero”.
They used to make military airplanes…
The Pajero was a champion on the desert racing circuits
Isuzu made this compact 2dr SUV from ’97-2001
Interesting cars like the Renault Alpine were all over.
rear engine aluminum construction, the Renault Alpine.
FIAT X19 mid-engine open top.
mid-engine FIAT
Front engine 2 door wagon
rear engine FIAT 500
2 door wonder.
Classic FIAT 500 with a luggage piece strapped on the rear rack.
Leather luggage straps above bumper
Right side filler door for the righthand drive.
Rolls wagon
Rolls’ unmistakable front end
The KEI car is a tiny car that’s road legal and these are two examples of them, the Suzuki Cappuccino on the right and an Autozam AZ-1. (a Mazda with a Suzuki engine)
SAABs were innovative in their design features and known for maximizing space and safety.
The SAAB 99 was made from ’68-’84 and was loved by many Americans.
’79-’94 Subaru offered the BRAT (bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter) shown here in lime green.